Frequently Asked Questions

There is a huge difference of dental treatment costs between European countries and Turkey, The main cause is that labor costs and material costs in Turkey are much lower than many other European Countries,However it does not necessarily reflect the quality of the treatment,you can get an service above the international standards while saving up to %70.

All of our dental physicians are members of the TDA (Turkish Dental Association) which is equilivant to the British Dental Association.Moreover.Our expert dental team holds variety of certificates with international recogniziton.

Most cosmetic treatments can be completed within in a week,Moreover we can fast track your treatment with the help of our on-site advanced laboratory and complete the treatment in 4-5 days. The other treatments such as Teeth whitening, Root canal treatment, Fillings can be completed in one appointment.

Orbismed provides Various 5 Star to boutique Hotels to the patients who got dental treatment packages,also if you would like to book your own hotel, our team can guide you along the way.

Orbismed clinics have partner clinics in U.K. Where you can go for a check up if you encounter any problem.

Local anesthesia and injections will be done prior to the treatment therefore patient will not feel any sensivity or pain during the treatment.

We provide lifetime warranty for Dental implants and 5 years warranty For Dental crowns.

Antalya is home the most touristic resorts if you are planning to come,Moreover Antalya is the most visited city  in The Mediterranean which is visited by 40 million International Tourists every year, when we add the hundreds of activites,attractions and nightlife, Antalya offers an unforgettable experience for those who are planning to visit.

It is not a possibility at Orbismed clinics for the fact that your new crowns will be shaped and the shade of crowns will be prepared by our cosmetic dentistry experts and according to your preference, if you feel any discomfort or do not like the shape of your crowns, it can be fixed at the same day by our high tech on-site laboratory, therefore we do not let our patients go before we are fully sure that you are fully satisfied with the treatment.

Orbismed clinics is home to Professional interpreters and provide service in English,Russian,German,Romanian,Italian,Spanish,French,Polish,Dutch.

After free consultation with our patient coordinators, you are required to inform us minimum one month prior of your arrival, Once you send us your flight details, all the arrangements will be done and your booking will be confirmed.