Emax Laminate Veneers

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EMAX LAMINATE® Veneers are very thin nail like layers that covers only the front surface of the tooth to change its length, shape and colour.These Veneersprovides clinically proven resistance of 1000Mpa(the average pressure during chewing is about 45Mpa) due to being made of lithium disilicate ceramic it also provides maximum translucency which creates the most possible natural tooth enamel texture while providing various colour options from Hollywood smile to natural smiles.

Can I choose how my teeth will look like?

You will be choosing all the details of your new teeth during the fitting sessions and also will be able to try our various signature smiles along with 20 different colour options.

EMAX LAMINATE® Veneermaterial

Emax Laminate® veneers are manufactured from lithium disilicate ceramic from a single block by using CAD/CAM technology, lithium disilicate a material that which is famous for its  translucent colour and durability provides a crown that is durable but looks just like a natural tooth also with the help of latest technology you will be able to see your teeth on a computer before it is being manufactured via Digital Smile Design technology. It’s biggest advantage over crowns is it requires minimal tooth shaving which is about 0.3 mm comparing to crowns which can go up to 2mm

How do they feel?

EMAX LAMINATE® Veneers provides impeccable gum coherence, and the smooth surface minimizes plaque accumulation

Get healthier, more beautiful teeth.

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