Orbis ProWhite Full Veneers

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ORBIS PROWHITE® full veneers are about 10 times stronger than natural tooth enamel due to its material and provides clinically proven resistance of 1800Mpa(the average pressure during chewing is about 45Mpa) and resembles natural tooth enamel, Because of its strength and durability and due to huge selection of shades which is about 20 different colour shades and styles Orbis Prowhite® full veneers are one of the best options to achieve a new smile

Can I choose how my teeth will look like?

You will be choosing all the details of your new teeth during the fitting sessions and also will be able to try our various signature smiles

ORBIS PROWHITE® Full Veneer material

ORBIS PROWHITE® Full veneers are manufactured via computer-aided design hence provides a precise and flawless fit. Zirconium dioxide which is a white powdered ceramic material is used to create the interior layer of the crown and porcelain is then used for outer layer to create the tooth, colour and translucency

Can I select how translucent my teeth will be?

Orbis Prowhite® can be selected from maximum translucency to low translucency

How do they feel?

Orbis Prowhite®️ Full Veneers provides impeccable gum coherence, and the smooth surface minimizes plaque accumulation.

Get healthier, more beautiful teeth.

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