12 Upper Jaw Full Veneers/Crowns

12 Lower Jaw Full Veneers/Crowns


Marcio had severe complications regarding overall well-being of his teeth,he had severe receded gums, gum disease and overbite, he needed preventive treatments prior to installing dental crowns to ensure the treatment will be permanent without further complications, the reason is even though the dental crowns are installed he had a big risk of losing his teeth due to gum disease which needed to be treated to ensure the permanent solution. his overbite problem also needed to be fixed to improve his overall speech and teeth health


He received gum treatment prior to installing dental crowns to treat his gum disease and receded gums, the gum treatment was successfully finished and after he received 24 zirconium crowns, his overbite, teeth alignment and missing teeth was also fixed during the procedure.

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