The Latest Technology With a Special Care

Recent technological advancements in dentistry made it the most crucial factor for a clinic to provide a flawless result and a long lasting solution and as Orbismedclinics we operate with the latest technology available in the global market to provide a result above international standards, for example with the help of Digital smile design system and the 3D CAD-CAM system we design your perfect smile with no flaw using Zirconium smart ceramics.

Get healthier, more beautiful teeth.

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Panoramic X-Ray

Finding the core of the problem is the main issue while preparing your treatment plan,in our clinic we provide a Panoramic X-Ray to all our patients which is a technology that uses a very small dose of radiation to capture the entire image of the mouth.

Tom Volumetric Tomography

For those who have comprehensive cases such as cysts,periodontitis,tooth loss and bone loss Tom Volumetric Tomography enables clinic to assess patient’s bone density for implant planning, dental problems such as cysts, sinusitis, impacted teeth, tumours etc. the results guide us for comprehensive solutions such as implant treatments, all on X treatments, crown positionings etc.

CEREC® Technology

Cerec is a special type of Computer assisted Design/Computer assisted manufacturing(CAD/CAM) technology which enables us to create dental restorations by using advanced motorized equipment, Cerec technology uses a special camera to take an impression of the teeth and any other detail in the mouth later the data which was gathered is transferred to a software program and results in a computed generated cast which the dental restoration is designed, the main advantages of this technology are precise results, stronger and longer lasting restorations, more comfortable and many more.

All On Four Treatments

Depending on the patient’s health the dentistry team in our clinic can complete the first phase of the treatment as short as 2 days with the help of the latest technology, we provide this result by taking the necessary measurements immediately after the surgery which the implants are installed.

General Anaesthesia Services

For those who have dental phobia our clinic provides general anaesthesia services in our fully operating surgery room, the patient will be supervised by the team of qualified anaesthetists during the procedure and our dental surgeons will work for patients to achieve their dream smile.


Our patients can feel secure in our clinic knowing that above international standards hygiene policies and sterilization process are followed in our clinic. The most important thing for us in our clinic is the health of our patients and therefore specially trained personnel follows a strict procedure of hygiene policies.

‘ZOOM’ Teeth Whitening

Our clinic provides the most preferred method of professional bleaching in the world which is Zoom teeth whitening in our clinic for those who want to have whiter smiles without getting veneers.

Dental Laser Equipment

We provide the latest technology of Dental Laser equipment for our patients to solve problems such as cavity, disinfection of a root canal, ulcers, pain reduction, gum colour adjustments etc.

Physiodispenser / Implant Motor

Our Surgeons who perform oral surgeries for implantation can adjust the bone tissue prior to installing implants with the help of Physiodispenser, the procedure is quick, pain-free and safe for the patient.

Ultrasonic Bone Surgery System

This system provides the safest and the most effective result in oral surgeries for for implantations, it is mainly used during sinus lift surgeries and preparation of the area for implants regardless if it is tooth or root preparation, this system is designed for patients who experience bone loss or who have degraded bone tissue.

Magnetic Mallet

The magnetic mallet is a device which is designed for oral surgeries based on magnetic dynamic technology, it is mainly used for bone compression/expansion and sinus lifting.


PRP injections can help support wound healing in trauma and joint injury and it is a new approach to tissue regeneration in dentistry, PRP injections are mainly used for aging patients and inoral surgeries such as dentistry such as Implantation, sinus lifting, bone grafting, PRP plays an important role in tissue repairing mechanism therefore providing a quick healing process.