All-on-4 Dental Implants Turkey

Since the year 2002, our dental center has taken a keen interest in aesthetic and implant dentistry.

The “All-On-4 ™” dental implant treatment includes the attachment of acrylic veneers to a prosthesis, which is then secured to dental implants for a flawless cosmetic result.

Unlike a typical prosthesis, the acrylic veneers utilised will blend the gingival colour flawlessly with the patient’s natural palate, delivering a faultless and comfortable fit. After completing the two-day procedure, the patient will be able to return to their normal social life with a perfectly beautiful smile.

The Benefits of ‘All-on-4’ Dental Implant Treatment

  • The implant and aesthetic treatment may typically be done in two days, saving the patient both time and cash.
  • Whether or not the patient requires teeth extractions, treatment will be completed in two days.
  • The patient’s comfort and well-being are enhanced by the solid bonding of acrylic veneers to implants.
  • The ‘All-On-4’ procedure is available to patients with a healthy bone structure and healthy gums.
  • Dental hygiene routine is uncomplicated and simple.
  • The end result will provide comfort, and its aesthetic design will enhance the patient’s quality of life..
  • Patients with healthy bone structure and gums will avoid extra procedures such as sinus lift, bone graft, and membrane treatments.
  • The patient may replace their acrylic veneers with porcelain veneers in the future.

Get healthier, more beautiful teeth.

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