Smile MakeOver

The ‘Smile Design’ treatment offered by our clinic in Turkey is delivered by aesthetic dentists with extensive training.

When planning a new smile design or smile makeover for our overseas patients, we meticulously evaluate a number of essential dental factors.

Prior to beginning treatment, the patient’s age, dental analysis, gingival level, face analysis, and lip analysis, as well as the patient’s desires, are all considered.

A beautiful smile has a good impact on one’s daily life and social connections.

Our ‘Smile Makeover’ not only provides the patient with a flawless smile, but also addresses any additional dental issues they may have. The treatment will provide the patient a more youthful appearance and prevent facial wrinkles.

Since 2002, our Dental Center has been regarded as one of Turkey’s most popular dental clinics. Our expert aesthetic dentists utilise only the most advanced dental health technology.

Utilising computer-aided 3D design software linked with CAD-CAM and CEREC technology, our physicians and technicians can quickly create a new smile for the patient, allowing them to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Antalya.

Hollywood Smile Treatment in Turkey

The ‘Hollywood Smile Makeover’ has grown in recent years as an increasing number of patients desire the dazzling white teeth of Hollywood actors and actresses. At Orbismed Clinics, we can provide patients with the Hollywood Smile quickly.

Our professional laboratory team can make the whitest of white teeth in our in-house laboratory, and then, using colour swatches, they may adjust whiteness to the patient’s chosen colour tone.

Getting a new smile at our dental clinic in Turkey?

Before beginning treatment, our dental staff will evaluate the patient’s gum shape, tooth size, tooth form, and expression when opening and closing the mouth. It is vital to evaluate the proportion of the teeth and how far they extend in relation to the mouth, while at the same time taking into account the patient’s desires and the health elements of the final smile.

How long does it take to create a Smile Design in Turkey?

The shape of the teeth and gums can change depending on the patient’s health, which can affect the duration of the various operations. Furthermore, dentistry offers a wide variety of treatment options, each of which has a specific duration.

However, using the most recent and sophisticated computer technology, a new tooth may be designed and manufactured in-house in as little as 30 minutes, allowing the dentist to conduct dental rehearsals extremely quickly.

How many visits are required to finish the Smile Design Makeover?

Depending on the existing condition of the patient’s teeth and the chosen treatment, the number of visits may vary. As a result of our clinic’s use of cutting-edge technology, our team can complete a full smile makeover in just 4 to 7 days. Enabling the patient to enjoy their vacation in Turkey.

What dental problems require aesthetic dentistry?

We utilise cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry in the treatment of dental abnormalities of:

  • To fill the gaps between the teeth
  • Tooth discoloration, yellowing, and staining
  • Gingival problems and disorders
  • Diseases that weaken tooth enamel
  • Fractured, broken, and damaged teeth

And to:

  • Eliminate tooth alignment abnormalities
  • Restore the missing teeth
  • Ensure compatibility between the teeth and lips
  • Remove tooth size inconsistencies
  • Correct occlusion and correct closure problems
  • Provide a younger look and more youthful appearance

Teeth, and their effect on you and others;

According to study, when we meet someone socially, in a meeting, or for a job interview, we are initially drawn to their eyes. The focus then shifts to the mouth, where the teeth are the most significant feature.

The majority of us brush our teeth first thing in the morning, and while doing so, we may peek in the mirror and check our teeth. As we focus on brushing our teeth, we may wish that the structure wasn’t so crooked, that the teeth were less discoloured, or that the edges were not chipped.

Then, we question if we can get our teeth straightened, whitened, or capped so that the edges are properly aligned.

If the difficulties are severe, they may affect our self-esteem. If this is the case, the patient may choose to take the first step and schedule an appointment with an aesthetic dentist to restore smile. A Smile Design will fix every one of these issues.

Get healthier, more beautiful teeth.

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