Laminate Veneers

Our goal for the past two decades has been to serve international patients with the highest quality modern dental tourism service in Turkey. We are known for providing dental veneers, dental implants, dental crowns, smile makeovers, and aesthetic dentistry treatment at the most competitive pricing and to the highest international standards of excellence.

Dental veneers are the most effective and time-saving option for achieving a “Hollywood Smile.” When veneers are applied, they cannot be distinguished from the patient’s natural teeth.

Dr. Mujdat Kucukkaya, arguably one of the most eminent dentists in Turkey, leads our highly-trained and competent cosmetic staff, which is adept in designing and applying the most visually accurate veneers.

Investments in current dental technology indicate that we can provide patients with the greatest quality of care. Orbismed Clinics has its own in-house laboratory staffed by skilled CAD-CAM technicians that can provide our patients with various porcelain veneers. Working in combination with our cosmetic surgeon and the patient, they will deliver exactly what the patient desires; this is the secret to our success.

Our dental coatings are made of high-quality, class ‘A’ materials that give greater resistance to breakage and abrasion, are 100 percent compatible with oral health, and match the colour of the patient’s teeth precisely:

In cosmetic dentistry, we provide patients with the highest quality care at the most reasonable prices.

The integrity with which we treat our patients is one of our key attributes. It is a delight for us to provide dental care to our international patients, and we are proud to be one of the most favoured dental clinics in Turkey.

The application of dental veneers and coverings is one of the most common dental procedures performed around the world.

We understand that potential patients may find it difficult to pick where to receive dental veneer treatment, however we would like to reassure them that our specialised team is always eager to assist them and will be there to aid and advise them throughout their treatment.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are one of the most effective treatments for a variety of dental issues that significantly impact the patient’s appearance. They are 100% percent compatible with the patient’s natural teeth and pose no threat to their oral health.

Dental veneers have become popular and provide a great smile transformation for patients. Typically, the therapy can be finished within four or five days at our clinic.

Essentially, dental veneers are a cosmetic treatment for tooth abnormalities that involves bonding a veneer to the tooth with dental adhesives.

The original tooth is abraded, with 0.3 to 0.7 mm removed from the tooth’s front surface. Despite their thinness, veneers have a very good resistance to impact and fracture.

Depending on the patient’s choice, our professionals can provide veneers that match the shade of the patient’s natural teeth, or they can opt for a Hollywood-style white texture.

What Are The Advantages of Dental Veneers?

  • It is the best solution for broken or worn teeth
  • It creates a greater smile design
  • Dental veneers can close the gaps between the teeth
  • Dental veneers can be a cosmetic alternative to orthodontic therapy for correcting misaligned teeth.
  • Veneers are ideally suited to natural teeth due to their high light transmission, which renders them undetectable.
  • Bacteria and calculus do not accumulate on veneers
  • Enhanced resistance against yellowing and discoloration
  • Dental Veneers are recommended When an aesthetically pleasing smile is desired quickly without the necessity for orthodontic treatment

Dental Veneer treatment costs in Turkey

Since 2002, Orbismed Clinics has provided dental services to overseas patients desiring dental treatment in Turkey, with legal assurances.

Although we utilise authentic international Class ‘A’ dental veneers, the complete cost of treatment, including flight to Antalya, lodging, and vacation expenses, will be less than the total cost of treatment overseas.

We provide a free treatment plan for our overseas patients who wish to have veneer treatment in Turkey. This free treatment plan will contain a calculation of the treatment’s fixed costs. The patient can rest confident that they will pay no additional dental expenditures during the course of their treatment with us.

Get healthier, more beautiful teeth.

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