Dental Filling

The tooth can decay, break or be damaged for various reasons. These problems bring along various problems both in terms of aesthetics and health. Tooth filling is a method applied to eliminate these problems. The process applied by dentists for reasons such as saving broken, damaged or decaying teeth, preventing them from getting worse and giving the tooth a more aesthetic appearance is called dental filling.  

Tooth filling is a procedure that has been applied since the early days of dentistry. Thanks to this process, damaged tissues are removed from the teeth and a cleaner and healthier appearance is created in the teeth. It is aimed to save the tooth with a dental filling. Dentists perform the filling process by using filling material according to the condition of the tooth. As a result of this, the decayed and damaged tissues in your teeth are cleaned. Fillings are important for both dental aesthetics and the efficiency of chewing function. 

* Dental fillings are divided into different types according to the materials they are made from. If the tooth filling is made of amalgam material, it has a gray color, if it is made of composite, it has a white color, and if it is made of gold, it has a yellow color. Depending on the location and condition of the tooth to be treated, dentists use the appropriate material during the filling process. 

* White filling, or composite bonding, is the name given to the filling made using composite material. In the construction of this filling process, first of all, the decayed, broken and damaged tissues in the tooth are cleaned. After the cleaning process, the gap in the tooth is filled by means of rays. Then the tooth and the composite material are fixed to each other and the polishing process is started. It is generally used for aesthetic appearance in anterior teeth. 

* Porcelain filling, which is included in aesthetic fillings, is a filling made using porcelain material. Porcelain filling is generally used in the treatment and correction of some deteriorations that may occur due to composite filling. It can also be preferred in solving the problems that occur in the anterior teeth. 

Amalgam filling, which has been used since ancient times, is also known as silver filling or gray filling. The material of the amalgam filling is mercury, which is used in a certain amount. Known for its durability, amalgam fillings also contain materials such as copper and zinc. Amalgam fillings, which are resistant to food and have an average life of five years, have not been preferred much recently due to the toxic mercury content. Amalgam filling is usually applied to the teeth located behind and causes the tooth enamel to acquire a black appearance.