Dentistry in Turkey: Is it Worth Going to Turkey for Dental Implants? 

Dentistry in Turkey: Is it Worth Going to Turkey for Dental Implants?

The escalating cost of dental treatments globally has made ‘dental tourism’ an intriguing prospect for many. Among numerous destinations, Turkey has carved a niche for itself as a favoured location. Dentistry in Turkey has drawn many British citizens seeking affordable and high-quality care. The question remains, however: is it worth travelling to Turkey for dental implants?

To give you a well-rounded answer, we’ll consider several key factors: cost-effectiveness, quality of care, travel considerations, and the crucial aspect of follow-up care.


The main attraction for dental tourism is undoubtedly the prospect of saving on treatment costs. Dental implants in the UK can typically range between £2,000 to £2,500 per tooth, a significant outlay for many. In contrast, dental implants in Turkey can cost a fraction of that, ranging from £400 to £600 per tooth. Even after considering the costs for travel and accommodation, this difference can offer substantial savings, especially for those requiring multiple implants.

Quality of Dental Treatment in Turkey

While the cost savings might be enticing, it’s important to emphasise that the quality of care should never be compromised. Fortunately, Turkey has steadily gained recognition for its high standard of dental care. Many dentists practicing in Turkey have been trained in Europe or the US, and the clinics often showcase modern facilities. Nevertheless, thorough research is indispensable. Look for clinics with solid patient reviews and those accredited by international bodies like the Joint Commission International (JCI).

Travel Considerations

Travelling to Turkey for dental implants isn’t as straightforward as booking a flight. It’s essential to consider the logistics of your procedure. Implant treatment often necessitates multiple visits over several months, from initial consultation to final placement. Therefore, your travel plans must accommodate this schedule. However, Turkey’s rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks provide ample opportunities for tourism during your stay.

Follow-up Care

A potential downside to consider is managing follow-up care. Like any medical procedure, dental implants can have complications, and resolving these might be more complex if your dentist is far away. Some Turkish clinics offer ‘guarantees’ for their work, but typically, this involves another trip to Turkey.

While the financial benefits are enticing, comfort and peace of mind should also weigh into your decision. It’s crucial to consider whether you’re comfortable having major dental procedures in a foreign country, potentially complicated by language barriers, though many Turkish medical professionals are fluent in English.


So, is it worth the venture to get dental implants in Turkey as a British citizen? This decision heavily depends on your personal circumstances, priorities, and comfort level. If you’re willing to conduct thorough research, manage logistical challenges, and negotiate potential follow-up care complexities, the cost savings can be significant. Regardless of your choice, the quality of care should always be your priority.

Before making a decision, it’s always wise to seek second opinions. Dental tourism might not be for everyone, but for those who feel comfortable with the concept, it can provide a viable option for affordable dental care.

Your smile is an investment, and making informed decisions about its care is essential. Whether that involves finding a more affordable option with dental treatment in Turkey or opting for a local solution, the choice is personal and should be made with careful consideration.

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