Here’s What You Need to Know Before Having a Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey

Most people who are having dental implant treatment in Turkey or abroad have a lot of questions and concerns about everything from making an informed choice, to treatment safety, aftercare services and the costs involved. That’s why we decided to provide you the information you need before choosing the right clinic for a dental implant treatment.

There are a lot of options for those who need dental implants in Turkey these days. You might be travelling for Full mouth dental implants or a Prosthetic tooth implant to fix missing teeth. With that said, there are also plenty of things you should be aware of before going this route. Things such as choosing the right clinic, getting the right type of implant, getting aftercare services, choosing the right surgeon depending on your case etc.

We prepared some of the factors you need to know before making a decision which will guide you to make the right decision before travelling for Dental implants in Turkey and to prevent any problems you might experience in the future.

Training and experience of the dental team:

It is important to choose a clinic that has a team of experienced and well-trained dental professionals, as dental implant treatment can be complex and requires a high level of skill. The best way for you to understand if the dental team is qualified enough or not will be asking for how long is the clinic treating international patients, how many patients they had and what is the success rate which will be the main indicators if the dental team is experienced enough or not and supporting it with checking their before and after works, reviews. This will give you an idea regarding the quality and experience of the team and it will be the one of the most important factor for you to make the right decision for Dental implants in Turkey.

Dental Implant Options/Quality:

Dental implant treatment can vary greatly depending on the type of implant and the condition of your jaw and teeth. A clinic that offers a variety of implant options and can customize treatment to meet your individual needs is more likely to achieve a successful outcome Also there are more than 100 Implant brands worldwide and each implant brand will have different level of durability, lifetime and quality, You should always ask regarding the brand of the implants you receive and warranty of the treatment, every clinic will claim they do have the best brand therefore the best way to understand whether you receive good quality implants or not will be searching the brand online rather than listening to the clinic.

Imaging technology:

Dental implant treatment in Turkey for international patients requires precise planning, and the use of advanced imaging technology such as CT scans or 3D scanners can ensure that the procedure is planned accurately and performed with maximum safety. You should always be asking which technology the dental clinic possess and how it will be applied.

Follow-up care: 

It is important to choose a clinic that offers follow-up care and support after the treatment is completed. Unfortunately one of the biggest problems for international patients who are having a dental Implants in Turkey is not many clinics will do provide proper After-care services which can be troublesome, You always should be having a written document regarding which After-care Services will be provided and how the clinic will be responsible if you have any problem after the treatment, We also recommend that try to find a Clinic which has partner clinics in Europe and provide After-care services in various locations if you cannot travel back to Turkey easily.

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