Root Canal Treatment

The thin part on the inside of the tooth, consisting of blood vessels and nerves that feed the tooth, is called the pulp. The pulp extends from the crown of the tooth to the root apex. Especially in pulp infections, infection shows itself as visible redness or swelling around the tooth, or sensitivity to thermal stimuli and chewing. Root canal treatment is performed to remove deep caries, fractures and cracks in the teeth and trauma and inflammation in the pulp. 

Root canal treatment is used in dental clinics in Turkey mainly for patients who want to have smile makeover and hollywood smile treatments and have crooked and misaligned teeth which shaving of the teeth to fix the alignment can cause pulp to be exposed and it can cause inflammation and sensivitiy in the future.Basically the root canal treatment can be required in full mouth dental treatment packages in Turkey or Smile makeover treatment packages. 

To prevent pain and discomfort, the tooth is anesthetized. During treatment, the endodontist removes the pulp, disinfects, expands, shapes and finally fills the root canals with root canal filling material. In some cases, disinfectant medications can also be applied to the pulp chamber and root canals to cleanse bacteria. Root canal treatment may take a single session or several sessions depending on the condition of the tooth.  

During or after root canal treatment, the teeth may be sensitive to touch and chewing for several days. Although this situation is temporary, the discomfort that may occur can be prevented with painkillers. To prevent complications that may occur in a root canal treated tooth, it is recommended to chew with the teeth on the other side until a permanent restoration is made. According to the loss of material, the permanent restoration of the tooth is completed by making a filling or crown. 

With a successful root canal treatment, swelling and pain in the tooth are completely eliminated. After root canal treatment, the inflammatory tissue initially present at the root apex heals over time. The tooth saved by root canal treatment will be kept in the mouth and will continue to function like other healthy teeth. Generally, there is no difference between a normal tooth and a tooth that has had root canal treatment. It is especially preferred in elderly and patients with systemic diseases because root canal treatment is less traumatic than tooth extraction.