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Beautiful smile has always positive impacts in one’s life, it helps person to socialize and gives positive impressions however having bad teeth affects one’s Daily life as much. through time having bad teeth and smile viewed as bad hygiene and shameful, Also People look teeth first in social interactions therefore having misaligned or crooked teeth even due to genetical reasons can affect one’s self esteem or can even have psychological effects.

Due to technological improvements in Dentistry now anyone who wants to improve the appereance or enhance smille can do it in short amount time,This set of treatments is simply called Smile Makeover Treatment , Smile makeover can also fix the dental problems while giving a new smile so it should be considered as set of treatments that fix smile,dental problems and genetical problems.

Smile Makeover Treament in Turkey

In Recent years Smile Makeover treatment in Turkey had an exponential growth due to Technological improvements which made Smile makeover treatment to be done as short as 7 days and as convenient as possible, Therefore Turkey started to receive international Patients from all over the World for Smile Makeover and Hollywood Smile treatment, But one should take all of the details into consideration for Smile Makeover treatment, In our Dental Centers we guarantee the best possible results, the reason is in Orbismed Clinics you will receive your treatment from experts who are experienced in their field and the lates dental techonolgy available worldwide, You will experience the Digital Smile design technology that reduces any possible flaw to zero with experienced Cosmetic Dentistry experts who will conduct the treatment.

How Smile Makeover Treatment is being done ?

Prior to Smile makeover treatment , our experts will do a detailed analysis and all the preliminary treatments will be performed to maximize the result and prevent to any possible problem that patient can face in the future.

After your new smile will be designed using digital smile design technology and  depending on your choice your new crowns with the shade of your choosing will be prepared in our on-site laboratory in no time, you will have the smile and teeth of your choosing in as short as 7 days.

What happens if i don’t like my new smile design?

In Orbismed clinics, we guarantee the maximum patient satisfaction therefore prior to placing your permanent crowns you will have fitting sessions where you will see the colour and the shape of your new teeth, if there is any discomfort or any dissaproval regarding your new crowns, it will be fixed  at the same day in our on-site laboratory, Crowns will be placed once we take your approval and once you feel every single detail is flawless.

How many visits are needed to complete the Smile Design Makeover?

The numbers of dental appointments depends on the patient’s current condition,in average patient is required to have minimum 5 appointments prior to finish the Smile Makeover in 7 days.

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