Dental Filling

Adequate dental care will help to prevent tooth decay while keeping healthy look however inadequate dental care in the long run can cause tooh decay and deformation , decayed tooth cannot function properly and can causes unbearable tootache moreover deformed tooth will give an unpleasant look and can make you uncomfortable with the appereance of your teeth.

Hot/cold and sugary food also can cause tooth decay while increasing the sensivity therefore you can protect your teeth by eating healthy food,not drinking or smoking and proper dental care.If not treated at the right time,decayed teeth  can cause further problems ending with extraction of the decayed tooth and placing artificial tooth,
Please do not forget, no Artificial tooth can be like your own natural tooth.

Treatment Time 6-9 Days

Lifetime Warranty

Treatment Time 6-10 Days

Lifetime Warranty


What Is Dental filling

If there is no adequate dental care, Food residue and the bacteries on teeth can cause decayed tooth and hard tooth tissue to dissolve,If not treated on time the decay can spread to the root and can cause tooth extraction as the last option, Sensivity and intermittent tootache  are the symptoms of  tootache.

If a tooth starts to decay, it has to be treated as soon as possible by cleaning the decayed area and replacing the decayed area with special filling material which is simply called Dental Filling, if tooth decay spreads to the root then the root has to be extracted by Root canal treatment and after decayed area needs to be replaced by Dental filling.Dental Filling also can be performed on broken and cracked teeth and it is the most convenient option to fix the deformation and give tooth a healthy look.

Latest Technology in Dentistry

Our dental centers home to latest technology available in the World and equipped with experienced technicians who aim to provide the best results only, Some of the technology in our dental centers are CAD/CAM milling machines, 3D Tomograph.

X-Ray Scan

X-rays, also known as radiographs, are an essential part of any dental care treatment plan. They are diagnostic, but they can also be preventive by helping a dentist diagnose potential oral care issues in a patient’s mouth before they become a major problem.

Cad/Cam Smile Design

The CAD-CAM is a computer-aided technology and digital 3D camera (a computer-generated design). It is a new technique that has transformed part of the work done by the doctor and the dental laboratory into work done by the computer and the devices managed by it.

Dental Laser

Dental professionals use either hard tissue or soft tissue lasers, depending on the treatment. Some will use both types if the treatment allows.

Intraoral Scanner

Experience convenience. Our intraoral scanner is an absolute lightweight which reduces the required effort when scanning for extended periods.

Dental Filling Types

Gold,Porcelain ,Composite resin and amalgam are the 4 types of Dental fillings. Any of these fillings can be applied according to patient’s request.Amalgam fillings and Composite fillings  are the most used types in dentistry.

Amalgam Filling

Also known as Silver filling ,Amalgam filling is made by a mixture of mercury,tin,copper and silver.Amalgam filling is in usage for about 150 years  and about %50 of the Amalgam filling is mercury, However  the mercury in the filling is totally harmless, the other elements and alloys in the filling such as tin and copper  changes the chemical structure of mercury therefore makes it completely harmless for human body.


Composite Filling

Due to being affordable and cosmetic reasons, Composite fillings are the most preffered fillings in Dentistry. Being the same colour as tooth and aesthetic appearance gives Composite filling an advantage which the other fillings do not have, Moreover Composite fillings can be used to fix broken , cracked or even discoloured tooth.Composite fillings can be applied in one session and can last up to 10 years.

Porcelain Filling

Porcelain fillings are not preffered as much as Composite fillings due to its price and long process of preparation.Porcelain fillings are produced in dental laboratories and very resistant to staining due to its material being Porcelain.

Dental Filling Care

Lifetime of Dental fillings is generally between 3-10 years, you need to stay away from very cold or hot food,smoking,excessive drinking and hard food to extend the life time of dental fillings.If there is still pain and sensivity after the Dental filling treatment is applied,you should consult to your doctor and any crack or leek in the dental filling should be treated.

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