Zirconia Ceramic Crowns Turkey

Porcelain crowns with a metal alloy base have been applied for many years, but since they lack the light transmission of natural teeth, the patient’s teeth appear slightly grey. In addition to causing gums to turn grey over time, these metal crowns can also trigger allergic responses. Newer, healthier, and more effective materials have been developed in recent years, resulting in improved patient satisfaction.

Therefore, the tissue-friendly substance zirconium is currently utilised in dentistry. Zirconium coatings now offer the same level of strength as the previously utilised metallic alloy. Since zirconium is translucent, does not discolour the gums, is non-allergic, and is corrosion-resistant, it has become the material of choice for dental restorations.

When should you get zirconia crowns?

  • Zirconia crowns are commonly utilised to create an aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • To cover or replace severely discoloured teeth that are resistant to “tooth whitening” methods.
  • As an alternative to orthodontic treatment, to address “diastema,” or misaligned teeth.
  • To restore teeth with caries or previously filled cavities
  • To Restore Tooth deformations

How long do zirconia crowns last?

If the patient goes to routine dental examinations, zirconia crowns can last for decades. Teeth are living tissues that can change over time owing to wear and infections, but zirconia crowns are resistant to change. However, changes in the mouth structure later in life may necessitate the adaptation or replacement of the zirconia crown.

What are the aesthetic advantages of zirconia crowns?

The Zirconia crown will have the same natural appearance as the patient’s existing natural teeth due to the light transmittance qualities of the zirconia material. Zirconia crowns solve the cosmetic issues with conventional porcelain crowns. Light flows through the enamel of healthy teeth, whereas the metallic base of conventional porcelain crowns gives the teeth an opaque, unnatural appearance.

Can zirconia be used for anyone?

A zirconia crown does not include any metal, thus it does not trigger allergic reactions.

Do zirconia crowns discolour n in future?

The smooth and polished surface of zirconia crowns prevents the formation of plaque and discoloration from tea, coffee, and smoking.

How is a zirconia crown installed?

The patient’s natural tooth surface is very slightly reduced. This may cause minor gum swelling in the area. When the swelling has subsided, an impression of the tooth is taken. In our in-house laboratory, we produce a zirconia base that matches the colour of natural teeth. The patient is then given a trial of this treatment. Final adjustments are done, polishing is performed, and the finished result is permanently installed. The patient is then able to use the zirconia crown as they would a natural tooth.

How much of a tooth tissue is being shaved down for zirconia crowns?

As with the preparation for fitting a porcelain crown with a metal alloy base, the surface of the natural tooth is filed down by approximately 1-2 mm, with a little higher loss of material than when fitting a porcelain laminate.

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